Our Case Studies

We have a wide range of case studies, showcasing client successes across various industries and services.

Our Web3 Clients


Tractiv creates trust between two parties around the control and exchange of proprietary data.

Blockchain 420

Blockchain 420 Inc. is here to change the world with Love and Care, so we created The Love Care Coin (TLCC

Pride Pixies

Our vision is to empower women in tech with the release of a new NFT


DNNR is a startup that aims to merge digital and dining to create the first multi-venue Dining Club.

Fork Chain

The project was created to provide a no-code solution for the world of blockchain.


The GAMA token aims to be the first carbon negative mined cryptocurrency.


Radix envisions a radically better global financial system.


Arteq sets out to create the first NFT Investment Fund that brings together the finest masterpieces from the analog and digital world


The Gig Economy Platform technology originally built on the BLAKE (Hash Function)

Yellow Heart

Our mission is to eliminate scalping and bad players in ticketing and put artists back in control of how their tickets are distributed and traded

Package Portal

We can tokenize e-commerce loyalty campaigns for any brand.

Arts DAO

Arts DAO represents a community of artists, creators, collectors, developers, project founders and senior futurists

Ring Financial

The difference between Strongblock and Ring Financial was that Ring Financial’s

Our Web2 Clients

Growth Channel

Growth Channel is an automated marketing intelligence platform


Qilindo is a social network for all investors and entrepreneurs.


We help clients achieve their goals, by providing bespoke software development based on their specific requirements


A tech hiring platform that helps companies hire 10X faster & more efficiently.

Young with Solution

YWS are a team of diligent, rigorous, disciplined, methodical, focused


Pinnacle products can be found across the US and in several other countries


MUSIXEN is a live music streaming app that eases both artists’ and audience’s life

Vizen Analytics

Vizen helps companies improve their supply-chain forecasting performance by utilizing AI