DNNR is a startup that aims to merge digital and dining to create the first multi-venue Dining Club. The project utilises NFTs as Memberships to provide access to premium locations and events, starting from the vibrant restaurant scene in London.


Increase project awareness/reach
Spread awareness on upcoming events
Build a community of fine dining and night-life/clubbing enthusiasts

Target Audience

Club Membership Seekers
Fine Dining Enthusiasts

PR Solutions Implemented

Online Media Outlets:
Outlet Visitors Title
Forbes 101.8M+ How Brands Are Revolutionizing Consumer Engagement With NFTs
Hackernoon 2.3M+  4 Real-life Activities That Are Operational In The Metaverse Now
Yahoo Finance 266M+ NFTs Transforming London’s Nightlife
Bitcoinist 1.3M+ DNNR NFT Project Gives Membership Clubs A Fresh Feel
NFTNewsToday 53.5K+ DNNR Gets Featured In NFT NYC


As a result of the PR strategy, we were able to secure 11 meetings with high-level offcials from _______ to help Tractiv _________.
Due to this, the client was happy to re-sign for another project