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Kim Than

CEO and Founder of The PR Genius

Kim has worked in different business development and sales roles at high-growth companies such as Rocket Internet, Patsnap, Fintricity Consulting and Early Metrics, the first rating agency for startups. During his time as Head of Sales, he became obsessed with sales hacking strategies, constantly experimenting with ways to translate intangible data into insights.

He then decided to take these strategies and combine them together to create the ‘BlitzSelling’ methodology. After joining Growth Division as Partner, he founded Sales Division internally to implement these scientific methods and help B2B service companies, startups and scaleups to scale their sales processes and become strong revenue engines.

Jamie Kingsley

COO and Partner The PR Genius

Jamie is a passionate entrepreneur with a demonstrated love for working with startups. With a vast background in marketing and public relations, rapid and sustainable business growth and development is in his blood.

As a young business leader, Jamie’s career has taken him around the globe working with high-growth clients from California to Dubai. After partnering with Kim at Sales Division, he has since been responsible for cultivating and maintaining relationships, managing growth strategies and creating strategic operative procedures for high level clients.

Outside of the office he is committed to philanthropic ventures and always looking to network and brush up on business acumen. If invited out for coffee or a pint, he’s always game!

Madiha Shahid

Tech and Marketing Director

Madiha has spent the past five years designing and redesigning websites, brands, and applications, enhancing the user experience. Her strengths are in establishing a brand and ensuring it is consistent throughout. Her expertise is Brand Identities (Branding), Logos, Product & Packaging Designs, Website Design Icons, Social Media Marketing Posts, Social Media Marketing Posts, video editing, animation, logo animation, Mobile App UI Designing, and tech and IT support. She believes that you must be willing to look outside the ordinary and appreciate the beauty in everything to be inspired. She has done multiple design and development projects.

Kim Than

CEO and Founder

Jamie Kingsley


Madiha shahid

Tech & marketing Director

Hollie Sullivan

Head of Partnerships

Tony Golian

Media Director


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Operations Manager

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Strategic Partnerships

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Growth Manager

CJ Miller

Expert Copywriter

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Expert Copywriter


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