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The PR Genius is a global media agency that enables innovative web3 and web2 companies build credibility and awareness through the power of the press and growth hacking. We help founders create scalable revenue channels through their personal brand.

Meet Our Team

Kim Than

CEO and Founder

Jamie Kingsley

COO and Co-Founder

Madiha shahid

Tech & marketing Director

Hollie Sullivan

Head of Partnerships

Urfan Khan

Head of Operations

Tony Golian

Social Media Director

Sana Lalpuria

Operations Manager

Lara Doherty

Strategic Partnerships

Luca Ellis

Head of Growth

CJ Miller

Expert Copywriter

Zaki Gulamani

Expert Copywriter

Ahmed M. Hussien

Account Manager and Growth Consultant

Elissar Abdel Khalek

Account manager


Full Time

Account Manager

Full Time


Full Time

Operations Manager

Full Time

Data Scraping Expert

Full Time

Sales Experts

Full Time

Business Strategist

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