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Case Study


A forward thinking future of work forging a new era of remote work applications and DefiBanking an interoperable future of credits and debit based on new tech banking.
We are the Future of Work Security
The Gig Economy Platform technology originally built on the BLAKE (Hash Function) and a major J++ Application with 42 UpGrades to the new lighting network ECR20 network built in a full interoperable Dapp for jobs and DeFibanking.

PR Solutions Implemented

Online Media Outlets:
Outlet Visitors Title
Yahoo Finance 450.0K+ Finding a Freelancing Platform Without the Hefty Fees
Hackernoon 2.3M+ How Blockchain Technology Could Increase the Amount of Freelance Jobs
Coindoo 48.8K+ A New Outsourcing Platform for Crypto-Enthusiastic Recruiters
Crypto Miracle 5K+ Disrupting the Gig Economy with a Focus on Blockchain


As a result of the PR strategy, we were able to secure 11 meetings with high-level offcials from _______ to help Tractiv _________.
Due to this, the client was happy to re-sign for another project