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Case Study

Ring Financial

Ring Financial was inspired by strongblock.caom. Strongblock is an innovative DeFi Protocol founded by David Moss and Brian Abramson. At the ATH, $STRONG was worth 1177$. As of today, the token is worth no more than 8$. The project is still running, but has taken massive hits. Projects like Strongblock were really trending at the time when Ring Financial was launched: Olympus DAO, Wonderland… The difference between Strongblock and Ring Financial was that Ring Financial’s vision was to create returns by aggregating DeFi Protocols. If everything went well, Ring Financial was to use the funds accumulated to create a technology to automatically aggregate other innovative DeFi protocols through a DAO.


PR Solutions Implemented

Online Media Outlets:
US Times8.6K+Why are node projects struggling so much?
GLOBE STATS: 5K+Failed DeFi Projects That May Make It to the Next Generation
Technology Malt10.1K+StrongBlock, Olympus, WonderLand, Ring & DegenBox : the Rise and Fall of “Degens” DeFi
News Headline5K+5 DeFi projects that seemed interesting but went under…


As a result of the PR strategy, we were able to secure 11 meetings with high-level offcials from _______ to help Tractiv _________.
Due to this, the client was happy to re-sign for another project