Tractiv creates trust between two parties around the control and exchange of proprietary data. We use proven technology for immutable tracing and data delivery for data providers while giving data consumers the ability to understand where and how their purchased data is used.

Company vision and mission

Our vision is to create a more efficient and accountable data ecosystem.
Our mission is to create trust between two different data users, typically producers and consumers.

Target Audience

Data Companies
Data Compliance Companies and Individuals
Content security Enthusiasts and Professionals

PR Solutions Implemented

Online Media Outlets:
Outlet Visitors Title
 Entrepeneur 7.8M+ Revolutionizing Data Accountability Through Immutable Tracking
Meetings Scheduled:
Company Name Position
Bangkok Bank James C Lacovara Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
BCI Phoenix Unnayan Majumder Head of Data & Analytics
BMLL Elliot Banks Chief Product Officer
SALT Lending Dirk Anderson CTO
Bitvore Gregory Alan Bolcer Chief Data Officer (CDO)
Shahid JP Andreaux Head of Content Protection
Paramount Cody Lassiter Principal, Content Protection
Middle East Broadcasting Center Armin Kech Head of Data Governance
USAA Dirce E. Hernandez Information Security Leader
OTC Markets Chris Bok CCO
Mastercard Seth Eichenholtz Head of Insider Threat Risk Management


As a result of the PR strategy, we were able to secure 11 meetings with high-level offcials from _______ to help Tractiv _________.
Due to this, the client was happy to re-sign for another project