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Who Are The PR Genius?

The PR Genius is a specialized PR agency that helps innovative start-ups, scale-ups, agencies, high net worths, investment funds grow through the power of the press.

By using strong operational frameworks and growth hacking strategies, we release content through the world’s biggest media platforms whilst enabling our clients to get hundreds of thousands of views by also leveraging SEO and platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn. We are committed to showcase the uniqueness of your brand to the world.

“A reputation for a thousand years may depend upon the conduct of a single moment.” — Ernest Bramah

We have helped agency owners present their unique services to acquire hundreds of more clients, e-commerce brands go viral and founders of technology start-ups that want to showcase their credibility for investments and fundraising. Overall the press exposure enables strong authority building and social media verification.

“86% of the time we google for review or credibility”

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The Process







Those already in the PR Genius Circle

We are now offering billboards in time square

The Nasdaq LED display

We also get your brand featured in the giant billboards in Times Square (New York).

This is great for any D2C brand, start-ups announcing their funding round, and crypto/NFT projects

Our Optimisation Process

SEO Optimization

For each article we write, we make sure to input specific keywords such as the name of the person, company name, and industry in order to make sure the article is SEO optimized and can rank high on Google. Once the article is published it takes 3-4 weeks to make sure the article is rendered properly to appear high in the rankings. Each article is reviewed by the client and is not release until they are happy.

LinkedIn Optimization

LinkedIn is the best place to share the article as it reunited both sides of the market: the prospects and your clients. It has over 740 million members which makes it perfect for PR posts to go viral. We use secret growth hacking techniques with our community to make sure your article gets viewed, liked, and shared. We will also provide you a DIY guide to help optimize your profile and messaging techniques to gather as much interest from your prospect as possible.

Our Guarantees