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The PR Genius is a global media agency that enables innovative web3 and web2 companies to build credibility and awareness through the power of the press and growth hacking.
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Media outlets covered
including tv

We Cover Every Major Media Outlet

 in the world including getting our clients on national TV, speaking on podcasts or at large events and even getting them featured in Time Square !

Our journalists and partners are world renowned professionals that have the deepest ties in the industry including being founding members of the Forbes Council.

Our Clients Include

Web 3 Clients

Direct to Consumer Clients

B2B Companies

We offer meetings with executives for market research opportunities

Our Case Studies


Tractiv creates trust between two parties around the control and exchange of proprietary data.

Vizen Analytics

Vizen helps companies improve their supply-chain forecasting performance by utilizing AI

Pride Pixies

Our vision is to empower women in tech with the release of a new NFT