Performance Based PR Your Brand, Your Budget.

Tailor your PR activities to your precise needs. Meet our performance-based PR model that drives results without breaking the bank.

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What is Performance PR?

Forget the traditional burden of hefty retainers with unpredictable results. Performance-based PR means you only pay for success — not promises. It's fair, straightforward, and fully transparent

What you get

How does it work?

By focusing on concrete results. Strategies are crafted to secure placements in the right publications. The goal is clear: actual results, not just efforts.


Risk-Free Retainer

A modest monthly retainer covers essential services including pitching and strategy. This fee is fully refundable if we don't secure any opportunities within the month, thereby eliminating risk from your investment.


Customized Outlet List

During onboarding, we collaborate to compile a list of preferred "thumbs up" outlets. This ensures a smooth workflow with no delays once opportunities are confirmed, allowing us to hit the ground running.


Diverse Opportunities

Our service isn’t limited to securing article placements. You’ll get access to a range of opportunities including organic interviews, press releases, TV spots, and podcast appearances — providing a multi-faceted approach to enhance your brand's visibility.


Transparent Pricing

Know exactly what each opportunity costs, with pricing distinctly outlined based on the tier of the outlet: one, two, or three. That way, you’ll always get value aligned with your expenditure.

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Why choose this approach?

It removes risk from the equation. You gain a partner invested in your success, working tirelessly to secure outcomes that matter — without a financial gamble. It's the future of PR, placing results over rhetoric.

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