Fintech Startup Money Pot Prepares for May 2022 Product Launch, Set to Bring an Ancient Way of Financing into the 21st Century

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / April 25, 2022 / Money Pot was founded to fill a major gap in the market for a social micro-financing tool that provides individuals with a peer-to-peer solution for their short-term saving and borrowing needs.

As a company, their main mission is to make short-term financing more accessible, affordable, and sustainable for individuals. It ties in perfectly with their long-term vision of creating social impact by empowering individuals with short-term financing solutions that run much less of a risk than current offerings. Indeed, existing high-interest borrowing vehicles, such as consumer loans and finance, payday loans, credit cards, and buy now pay later solutions, can crush their users’ credit scores, making the ability to achieve savings goals significantly harder.

Money Pot

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