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The PR Genius is a global media agency that enables innovative founders to build credibility and awareness through the power of personal branding and social media.

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Personal Branding

We help you become a niche authority and build a personal brand in 12 Weeks

Lack of understanding on how to make a good content funnel

According to Reid Hoffman and Peter Thiel, one of the main factors of growth is network effects however most executives do not know how make things go viral.

Most executives start by posting content online on separate channels but do not know how to build a funnel from it.

If you don’t how to build it, your competition will do it and you will lose market share.

How it works

Factors of Growth

Growth Factors

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High Gross Margins

Networks Effects

Growth Limiters

Product Market fit

Operational Scaleability

Human Limitations

Infrastructure Limitations

How it works


Step 01

Onboarding and copywriting hooks

  • When we start working together, we’ll agree upon the main topics you should be speaking on.
  • You’ll send us reference videos, articles, and case studies for us to read & deeply understand your niche and viewpoints
  • The key to successful short-form content is the hook. We’ll copywrite the opening sentence (hook) which converts a scrollbar into a viewer.
  • The hooks will be aligned with your viewpoint, and give you the perfect point to kick off from.
  • We’ll share the hooks with you in advance so you can prepare your responses

Step 02

Recording Loom Form

  • We’ll either meet in person or use to record a mini interview. We’ll ask you pointed questions, leading you to say the Hook and then speaking for 30s to 120s on the specific topic.
  • We only need 2-3 hours of your time every month

Step 03

Repurpose long form into short form

  • We’ll then edit the long-form piece of content into short-form clips that represent your brand and are engaging for the target social platform. 
  • Before we start editing, we’ll work together to decide the style of video edits that are most on-brand. We have started to create a library of styles here

Step 04

Distribute to LinkedIn, Twitter, Shorts & Reels

  • After you approve the content, we’ll distribute your content to all the social platforms your customers live on. You won’t have to log in to any social platforms, we’ll completely manage the process.

Step 05

Twitter and Linkedin Connections

  • We will follow and connect with key decision makers in your space via Twitter and Linkedin so they can see the content that you are posting.