Growth Hacking and PR

We have enabled our clients to grow exponentially in just a matter of days through the power of press alongside our proprietary growth hacking methods. 

The PR Genius is the Intersection of Where PR and Growth Hacking Meet

Because marketing strategies and media initiatives go hand in hand, it is essential for us to ensure that you have everything you need to scale. In order to accomplish this, we develop strategies that include community growth hacks, influencer marketing campaigns, and even the assistance you need to get around Google and Facebook ad bans and increase traffic from the top of the marketing funnel.

Our Process for Press Coverage

Book a Call

Book in a call and fill in client strategy document prior to the first meeting

Distributed PR

Once you have agreed on the strategy, we execute on the campaign which includes top tier 1 media outlets, TV appearances and guest appearances on podcast and much more. nulla aliqnim tortor at auctor urna nunc id. Maecenas


After the first meeting, we will come back with custom strategy and a plan of action

Enjoy Guaranteed PR

Our aim is to build trust and credibility of the project and founders through mainstream and crypto publications to create a clear differentiation from your competitors

TV & Speaking Opportunities

We have successfully pitch our clients for TV appearances on US national TV as well as being guest speakers on podcasts and events. In order for us to do our work efficiently, we will also provide personal branding workshops to pitch you for public appearances.

Time Square Billboards

We have access to number of key billboards from Time Square to London, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Paris including ads on buses.

Growth Hacking Services

Media initiatives go hand in hand with marketing strategies so it’s important for us to make sure you have the right resources to scale.

It’s very important to lead by community growth community and have a well defined growth hacking strategy for each step of the marketing funnel including awareness, consideration and conversion.

To do so,, we cover everything from strategic influencer campaigns, to community growth hacking services and viral display ads initiatives.

Community Growth Management

Discord, Telegram and Reddit Moderators & Chatters

Discord, Telegram and Reddit Organic Shillers

Our KPI’S are Impression-based. Our results can vary depending on several factors such as:

Influencer Marketing

Target Influencers on Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook & Instagram

We work with our preferred partners that have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, and over five years building a network of crypto influencers and thought leaders. We know how to pitch the most complex projects and manage everything from writing the perfect pitch email for your project and building the crypto hype you need for your project.


We research the top crypto influencers specific to your project.


Our experts write a pitch that meet your brand guidelines and creates hype


We notify you when the content goes live for viral social sharing

Make your Press Release go Viral by Using

Example of Instagram Story Post

Influencer Example

Native and Display Ads

We allow you to place display banner and native display ads on millions of crypto and non-crypto related websites without any restrictions on ad content or landing pages, allowing you to reach a crypto-native audience with direct sales messaging.

GDN’s sophisticated targeting technology allows you to not only target people based on geographies, but also interests, websites visited previously (e.g. Binance, Opensea, any competitor website), apps used (e.g. Metamask), keywords & queries searched for on Google, demographics, education, income & more. You can also retarget people who have previously visited your website.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook’s sophisticated targeting technology allows you to reach & engage your exact target audience based on demographics, online purchase behaviour, interests & more.

Campaigns can use almost unlimited number of creatives, audience groups and place ads on Facebook’s or Instagram’s News Feed, Stories, Explore section, Shopping, News or video streaming.

Our Most Unique Offering Executive Round Tables

Through our network, we enable you to connect and interview any person in the world. Our clients use this strategy to develop relationships, uncover market intelligence and key trends whilst developing key content.

UAE Crypto Licenses

Cryptocurrency projects rise in popularity and become more and more diversified. Ignoring this fact is not an option anymore, so governments around the world must develop policies to regulate them. In the beginning, the UAE was among the countries that tried to neglect the new technological improvements. Nowadays, it is one of the best countries for cryptocurrency projects in the world. Based on our experience, we will especially emphasize the advantages of the free zone Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (the DMCC) and IFZA (International Free Zone Authority).

To operate a legal business with cryptocurrencies, you need to obtain a crypto license in the UAE. It can be used for providing crypto-related services to customers, such as storing their coins. Getting a license for cryptocurrency in Dubai requires filing an application to the DMCC or IFZA. It should be noted that this license doesn’t allow the launch of an ICO or register a crypto exchange. However, it doesn’t mean that exchanges and ICOs are illegal in the UAE. The main point here is how to arrange such activities well to overcome possible difficulties. We will discuss that in detail later.

We offer : DUBAI 1-5 Year License Packages

Different type of Crypto Activity License Descriptions :

Proprietary Tradingmin Crypto-Commodities:

with the following description: “Includes the buying and selling (Proprietary Trading) of crypto-commodities developed on distributed ledger technology applications. This activity does not include acting as an exchange, providing brokerage services, financial services, banking services, payment processing or storage services.”

Distributed Ledger Technology Services:

with the following description: “Includes providing database management solutions and ancillary services based on distributed ledger technologies, such as Blockchain. Companies with these activities are not permitted to trade in, or setup an exchange for, currencies or crypto currencies/commodities or provide any financial activity services, brokerage or payment processing.”

NFTs E-Marketplace Provider:

with the following description: “Includes firms engaged in providing an online platform for the buying & selling of third parties’ unique digital assets (NFTs) and facilitates commercial interactions between buyer and seller in return of a commission or remuneration. The online platform cannot be used to trade or promote crypto-commodities, cryptocurrencies or NFTs covering any regulated products or securities”.

Metaverse Service Provider:

with the following description:” Includes firms engaged in the development and hosting of digital virtual environments, which enable simulated interactions between individuals. Companies with this activity are not permitted to issue tokens which are traded on exchanges or trade in crypto commodities”.

Our Guarantees

We Provide Data and Market Intelligence

By leveraging growth hacks, we are able to help you guys identify key stats include who is looking at your press releases and how many people are visiting your website.

We Drive Leads Towards Your Community?

By leveraging social media and influencers, we are able to help you guys direct leads towards your website, discord or telegram channels.

We Cover Mainstream and Crypto Press

We are one of the few agencies that can get crypto press into the mainstream tier 1 outlets as well as TV appearances