Disrupting the Gig Economy with a Focus on Blockchain

GigEcoin originally started off as a recruitment agency whose aim was to find the perfect candidate for open positions. However, in response to changes in the labor market accelerated by the pandemic, the entire focus of the company has shifted to being blockchain-centric. As the world enthusiastically adopts the concept of digital investments and assets, GigEcoin went through a relaunch in 2021 with a whole new perspective and goal in mind. 

GigEcoin – connecting freelancers and job opportunities

According to Intuit, the owner of TurboTax, the gig economy encompasses 34% of the workforce and is on track to continue growing. Employers seek qualified and talented individuals to hire for their projects who can help them hit their goals without requiring full-time employee benefits. Simultaneously, freelancers are frequently seeking out new contract roles for their flexibility.

Block Chain
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