Centerfin is Disrupting the Status Quo with its Digitally Native, Institutional Quality Wealth Management Solution

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 15, 2021 / After spending a combined 60 years in the hedge fund and alternative investment industry, Centerfin’s founding team was disillusioned that the sophisticated investment solutions they came to know we’re not available to individual investors like themselves. The vast majority of existing options currently available to individuals are based on some variation of a “60/40” portfolio approach. While this has largely worked in the recent past, the Centerfin team is skeptical that it will continue to work in the future. Focused on successful older millennials and younger Generation Xers, co-founder and CEO Kyrill Asatur and his team are forging a path to provide access to a solution that looks beyond the cookie-cutter “60/40” approach, similar to what large institutions and the very wealthy have been doing for decades.

The Centerfin Story

The financial services industry has always been riddled with unnecessary expenses and intermediaries. This holds especially true for services targeted at individuals. Often, the less money one has to invest, the lower the quality and higher the price of available services. In Kyrill’s words, “In other industries, if you’re buying an inferior good or service, you’re paying less for it, whereas on Wall Street this is flipped upside down – the less money you have, the poorer the service, and the more you’re paying for it.” With that sentiment in mind, Centerfin aims to shift the balance of power from Wall Street to Main Street, its mission guided by 4 core values: integrity, balance, simplicity, and excellence.


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