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3 ways to leverage NFTs

3 ways to leverage NFTs

The digital asset industry has exploded over the last two years. But there’s still a hefty dose of skepticism when it comes to cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs especially have developed a stigma due to the commonplace of scams, rug pulls and counterfeits.

While some may struggle to see the value of a digital image or similar items, others have jumped in headfirst. In fact, 2021 saw NFT sales eclipse $17 billion. These new digital investments have provided artists with an entirely new way to monetize their art. Not only that, but the buying, selling, and trading of these tokens have made it quite a lucrative business for others as well. I speak from personal experience as we recently launched an NFT collection that saw 9,993 NFTs sell out in 48 hours for roughly $4.8 million.

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