The 5 Best Crypto PR Practices to Employ in 2023

Crypto PR Practices

The meteoric rise of BTC, ETH, and other crypto assets has ushered in a new era for marketing and web3 PR as well. As tokens become more widely accepted and adopted, understanding good crypto PR practices has become integral to the success of web3 projects.

In 2023, savvy crypto companies will need to employ the latest strategies to stay ahead of the competition. That’s one of the reasons the PR Genius Team developed authority packages exclusively for startups.

There is no shortage of strategies you can try. But here are five that you need to implement today to be successful and set your company up for the next bull cycle.

Why Crypto and Web3 PR is so valuable

PR services play a critical role in building public trust and acceptance. With new projects launching every day, it’s increasingly difficult for investors to differentiate between legitimate ones and scams. 

This is where crypto PR services come in – they not only help to create a positive image for the company but also communicate important updates and milestones to potential investors and the wider community. 

They can assist with crisis management, ensuring that any negative publicity or issues are addressed swiftly and effectively. They can also help to hype up a protocol to build momentum going into a product launch.

By utilizing PR services, crypto companies can build a transparent and trustworthy reputation, which is essential in the fast-paced and constantly evolving world of digital assets.

Build it, and they will come – 5 Crypto PR practices to employ today

Marketing, PR, and sales have always gone hand in hand. But as the world changes, becomes more digital, and younger generations have different needs, the techniques used to build interest must evolve. Here’s what’s working right now and into the future.

Best Crypto PR Practices

1. Research, analyze, test

Implementing the best Web3 PR practices is crucial for the success and credibility of any project. One key factor in this endeavor is the use of data, research, and analysis. 

These three components provide a valuable framework for understanding market trends, identifying potential threats, and developing effective communication strategies. 

Without this information, companies risk missing important opportunities or making critical mistakes. It is not just about generating hype or selling tokens but about creating lasting value for investors and users alike.

When something doesn’t work, you need to figure out why. 

If users don’t like the product, it could be the message. It could be there isn’t enough education. In the event people don’t want your product, what would make them change their minds? Gather data from the jump to test theories, find what works, and restrategize when something doesn’t.

What does the data say? Where can we improve? Smart contracts may be forever, but marketing and Web3 PR aren’t. They require constant tactical changes, A/B testing, and trying new strategies which may be new to the digital frontier. 

Being able to pivot seamlessly can set your project apart from those that can’t – and be the difference between success and utter failure. There will come a time when crypto marketing and PR can become overly optimized, but we’re nowhere close to that point.

2. Tailor your message

Craft custom messages for different audiences and scenarios to ensure that each group receives the most appropriate information. 

For example, when speaking to potential investors, you should create content that speaks to their needs and concerns, rather than just attempting to push your product or service. 

How are you going to make them money? When will they see a return? What sets you apart from projects x, y, and z – all of whom do something similar?

Whales and Venture Capitalists won’t waste their time if you can’t answer these questions clearly and concisely in a call.

Similarly, when engaging with journalists or media outlets, it is important to create messages that are relevant to their audience and speak to the most pressing topics of the day. 

By having a tailored message for each intended group, crypto companies can build trust and attract more potential customers. Most importantly, they need to understand it and have the conviction that your startup is a solid long-term play.

3. Understanding the crypto subculture

A comprehensive knowledge of the crypto subculture is vital in communicating with retail users. With its own language and terminology, the crypto space has created an entire world that revolves around decentralized technology and digital assets. 

It is essential to be able to communicate in this environment with clarity and efficiency to gain traction within the community. 

This is where many industry leaders fail. Either they speak too technically for users, or they’re too colloquial, which can appear immature and unprofessional. Devs and coders can talk to other devs and coders. But that’s pretty much it. 

You need to hire someone that can take technical language and break it down for people to digest easily. Most retail users don’t have dozens of hours to comb through whitepapers to scrutinize a project. You have to find a way to break it down.

4. Make new friends

Networking and collaboration are two of the best crypto PR practices to employ. Businesses can reach a larger audience and create value for all involved by forging strategic partnerships and alliances. 

This could include working with influencers to create memorable content campaigns or engaging with online communities to generate interest in your project. 

Other projects aren’t your enemy. They’re friendly competition. When you see another protocol struggling, don’t be afraid to reach out and offer some support. If you ever need help, don’t hesitate to ask for it.

Making enemies in the crypto world is self-sabotaging. Yet it’s one of the easiest pitfalls to avoid.

5. Repurpose your content for optimal crypto PR

One of the best crypto PR practices is to create evergreen content that can be reused again and again in different formats. 

Turn blog posts into YouTube videos or infographics, or even create press releases from existing case studies. 

It’s rare for startups to have infinite capital. By repurposing content, businesses can extend their lifespan and maximize their return on investment. Plus, it’s a great way to save time and energy when launching new campaigns.

Offering the best crypto PR services 

Public relations is more important than ever in the crypto space. Businesses can use the methods mentioned above to ensure their cryptocurrency project stands out from the competition. 

In 2009, no one thought the industry would be where it is today. Marketing, Sales, and PR professionals are scrambling to figure out how to navigate the space.

Build your PR plan as you’re forging your new company to keep this from happening to you. 

At PR Genius, authority is our thing. Contact us when you’re ready to next-level your protocol.

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