YellowHeart NFT Ticketing and Music Marketplace Aims to Revolutionize the Music Industry

Blockchain has the potential to improve the lives of millions of people around the world. Despite the hype around Bitcoin, the potential use cases for this technology are often limited to the financial industry only and are only just diversifying. The potential of blockchain technology for the music industry is huge and is yet to be fully explored. 

In response, platforms such as YellowHeart, a leading NFT marketplace for music, ticketing, community tokens, and more has come in to fill this gap. which accepts crypto and credit card payments. Founded in 2017 by Josh Katz, an NYC-based music blockchain innovator and industry leader, YellowHeart has collaborated with major top-tier music artists including Kings of Leon, Maroon 5, and the late XXXTentacion. Prestigious names like Jerry Garcia, Julian Lennon, Kat Graham, Brandi Carlile, ZHU, and Burnley FC also make YellowHeart’s partnership list.

Yellow Heart NFT
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