Walturn is Transforming HealthTech and Dentistry with Flutter

Technology consulting agency, Walturn, is paving the way for digital advancements in the healthcare industry. On the one hand, the tech company’s mobile applications have been successful go-to platforms for some of the most vulnerable groups of people, such as veterans suffering from PTSD and people who have experienced traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

Similarly, Walturn has demonstrated its commitment to advancing education in dentistry by creating innovative applications such as the NYU Dentistry App.

LightBridge is a mental health management app built to positively impact the lives of brain injury survivors, those suffering from PTSD, their families, and caregivers. It was created by Joy Lewis, a woman whose son experienced a traumatic brain event at the young age of 18.

Joy’s app aims at connecting individuals with similar experiences, helping survivors reach their potential, and growing their confidence.

Walturn worked to help perfect the LightBridge platform and ultimately create an application that fully serves individuals suffering from mental health issues, which included creating a simple user interface, enhancing security features, and keeping caretakers and loved ones informed of user progress without making them feel intruded upon.

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