TH-EY celebrates growing web and mobile app development firm from 2 freelancers to over 25 employees in less than 5 years

London, United Kingdom
TH-EY was founded in London by two entrepreneurs who had moved to the UK from Poland to provide bespoke web and mobile app development services exceeding the already-high standards held by their clients. For every company that comes to them with ideas, designs, and plans for a new project, they’ve been able to make it happen, building trust and gaining new clients through word of mouth all the while.

Who are TH-EY?
TH-EY is the brainchild of Filip Kubala and Wojciech Soczyński, two IT-obsessed friends who grew up together in a small city in Poland. Filip’s interest in IT started during his teens, throughout which he studied maths and informatics and high school, learning HTML and CSS on the side. After getting much deeper into the IT industry during his university years in Krakow, he started his career as a graphic designer. However, once he discovered that his development skills were better than the engineer at his agency, he slowly transitioned from the world of design to the world of coding.


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