Starting your development journey into the world of Web3

What’s the hottest job on the market? Software engineers, programmers, and designers have been in high demand over the last decade. However, with the rise of blockchain and cryptocurrency, Web3 developers have quickly risen on the list. 

Web3 has seen a massive influx of interest over the past two years. The startup scene is on fire as new projects sprout up and innovation flourishes. Even some of the largest companies in the world such as Nike and Adidas have thrown their hats in the ring. All of this has made Web3 developers a hot commodity.

But despite the massive demand, Web3 developers are in short supply. The concept of Web3 is still a relatively new idea and has only existed since 2014. There aren’t too many college courses that incorporate blockchain, let alone material on a concept that’s still taking shape. This was just one of the few reasons that led us to create a full stack geared towards developing in Web3.

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