Staiy Grows Its Reputation as a Sustainable Fashion Marketplace Empowering Consumers and Brands; Expands in Europe

Berlin, Germany–(Newsfile Corp. – March 4, 2022) – Staiy announces their expansion in Europe as it grows its reputation. Staiy was founded as a platform meant to cater to a growing demographic of consumers looking for a more sustainable way to engage with the world of fashion. Its business model came to life after its founders realised that fashion had become a particularly dynamic industry that was turning in recent years towards a more digitalised, sustainable and transparent model. With that in mind at all times, Staiy has ridden the wave of digitalisation to make processes more lean, efficient, and equitable across the industry as a whole.

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Staiy has reached over 170,000 people since its launch and delivered to more than 17 different European countries, proof of the foothold it has gained in Europe as well as its significant potential to scale. The number of unique products on Staiy’s platform jumped from around 1,000 at launch to more than 109,070, with its total stock value above €50 million showing the growth in sustainable offerings over the past years.

Since its foundation, Staiy has managed to save over 4 million litres of water and 3,000 kilograms of CO2 through providing consumers with sustainably-made fashion from its 220+ partner brands, a number that has grown significantly from its initial list of 40, and continues to grow day by day. It has been a rollercoaster for the team so far, but thanks to their skills and motivation – as well as their unwavering dedication to their mission, they have built a well-deserved reputation as a powerhouse in the sustainable fashion industry.

From Business Students To Sustainability Pioneers

After meeting in the UK a few years back during their time at international university ESCP, Alessandro Nora, Adrian Leue, Chiara Latini and Ludovico Durante founded Staiy in Berlin in 2019. Leveraging the combined experience they had gained in consulting, finance, startups, and fashion, as well as their shared passion for starting a business that would make a tangible impact, the four young entrepreneurs joined forces to brainstorm which industry to apply their knowledge and skills to. Inspired by Berlin’s forward-thinking lifestyle and existing enthusiasm for sustainable solutions, they knew that their startup would inevitably focus on the environment and supply chains, but there was more research to be done.

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The four went through a range of different options before discovering some shocking facts about the industry which was to become their main target: fashion. They knew that fashion was a major global polluter, currently accounting for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions and predicted to account for as much as 25% of the global carbon budget by 2050, but they also found out that dyeing and textile treatment processes account for 20% of industrial fresh water pollution. While this was indeed a general problem for the world as a whole, it was even more dramatic for the millions of underpaid, poorly treated factory workers for whom access to clean water isn’t always guaranteed anyway. Adrian, Alessandro, Chiara, and Ludovico knew that they had to do something about it.

From a business perspective, it made perfect sense as well. The sale of sustainable products was growing 5.6x faster than their mass-produced counterparts, driven by the 5% (and increasing) portion of consumers who consider sustainable alternatives to be very important, 66% of whom are inclined to spend more on products from ethical brands.

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United in their belief that understanding the real problems people and businesses face was the key first step towards building the right product, they set out to speak to major players within the industry and discover the lay of the land. After weeks of interviewing potential customers, partners, business owners, and other fashion experts, Staiy finally started to take shape.

Staying Resilient And Raising The Bar

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. In COVID times, the entrepreneurs faced multiple challenges, particularly when it came to adapting to the ‘new normal’. At the beginning of the pandemic, they were attending the Startup Bootcamp accelerator in Milan, but travel restrictions soon forced them to move back to Berlin. This impacted several potential investor leads and some deals with larger brands that were in the pipeline. It also brought up challenges with communication and strategic planning, which were further exacerbated by some changes within the team.

After a short hibernation period, the founders were successfully able to restrategise in order to become even more bottom-line efficient. Emerging from this period last October with a high six-digit seed round under their belt, the Staiy team achieved some major milestones over the last few months, proving that no challenge is too big for them. Since then, they’ve proved the strength and scalability of their business model despite the unexpected shocks of the pandemic – a real trial by fire for a startup that launched prior to COVID.

Onwards And Upwards

Staiy has a lot to be proud of at the moment. Not only has it established itself as a solution that allows consumers to buy products from sustainable brands with a focus on quality, it has done so in such a way that speeds up the process significantly – namely through its proprietary selection and evaluation process. In addition, with the numbers demonstrating the extent of its growth, Staiy has made it clear that what it has created is more than just a simple platform. It’s a movement, a data-driven ecosystem of experts, producers, designers, and brands, all together representing the future of fashion.

Continuing along their path to accelerate the global transition to a more sustainable model for the fashion industry, Staiy’s team have set themselves some ambitious targets for 2022. Most importantly, they aim to build a user community around their platform and offer their services to an even more diverse group of brands and suppliers across the world, connecting them with an exponentially increasing population of conscious consumers searching for a one-stop shopping destination that fits their values.

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