Retail’s New Secret Profitability Weapon Has Arrived

Silicon Valley-based technology firm, Centriqe has emerged as a leader in AI-based business productivity and customer engagement solutions with its cutting-edge platform, ProfitEdge. The company’s mission is to empower retail decision-makers with actionable and guided insights that enable them to take corrective action and sustain profitability even in unsustainable economic times.

With a focus on the retail sector, Centriqe’s ProfitEdge 1.5 has just been launched in January 2023 and offers real-time insights to understand existing customer behavior, patterns, loyalty, risks, churn, and more. ProfitEdge 1.5 has been designed to help companies maximize revenue, optimize costs, and increase gross operating profit (GOP) and net operating profit (NOP).

Centriqe’s services have a multitude of applications. Communication AI helps retailers increase customer engagement and interaction through increased personalization. ProfitEdge empowers C-suite executives to make data-backed decisions to help increase profitability in uncertain economic conditions.


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