Qilindo, an Online Platform for Investors and Entrepreneurs, Launches Beta Version of its Social Network

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL / ACCESSWIRE / January 25, 2022 /Qilindo.com, the social network for investors and entrepreneurs, is announcing the launch of a beta version of its platform, which serves as a stage for startups to promote and present their businesses in order to connect with investors and other collaborators.

“Qilindo is a worldwide network for startups where any businessperson can view and/or present pitch documents, such as an explainer video, one-pager, or company presentation. We help startups improve their success rate by redesigning these materials in the most professional manner, maximizing their odds to find the right funding,” said Qilindo founder and entrepreneur Benron Manoah. “Qilindo was born from the idea that every entrepreneur deserves an equal opportunity to properly present their startup to as many investors as possible in order to improve the chances for an investment that also provides add-on value.”


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