Promoting Social Change with the Revolutionary Pride Pixies NFTs

Digital assets that reflect elements like art, music, in-game products, and videos are called NFTs. They may be purchased and traded online, often using cryptocurrency, and are typically encoded using the same underlying software.

NFTs are not equivalent to one another since each NFT has a digital signature that is unique to it (hence, non-fungible). One can think of NFTs as digital versions of tangible collectibles. After purchasing an NFT, the customer receives a digital file rather than an oil painting to display on their wall.

NFTs, as a form of art, can also serve to let creators create awareness of social and cultural themes.

Following Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, this initiative was born. Under this new law, schools in Florida would be forbidden from studying gender identity and sexual orientation. Opponents from all around the nation joined in calling for more accessibility and inclusiveness in public schooling.

Taylor Diamond-Vizcaino, one of the most imaginative blockchain advocates of her generation, is behind the Pride Pixies NFT and, a revolutionary NFT/DeFi platform.

Pride Pixel

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