Pioneering Digital Artist Andries Odendaal Launches Generative Art Collection, FABRIK

Pioneering digital artist Andries Odendaal is unveiling his first generative art collection, FABRIK. This free mint, commissioned by NFTfi co-founder Stephen Young, represents nearly three years of artistic and technological development. With a limited edition of 1024 NFTs, FABRIK is designed as a token of appreciation for the NFTfi community and aims to redefine the boundaries of generative art.


Custom Code and Instructions Stored On-Chain

“I called the project FABRIK, because I like the phonetical meaning of the word—in the sense that it’s a fundamental underlying structure, like the ‘fabrik of society’ or ‘fabrik of the universe.’ There’s a connotation to fabrication as well. In Afrikaans, ‘fabriek’ means factory.” — Andries, on the inspiration behind the name of his collection.

“One of Andries’s strengths is that he’s very sophisticated visually and artistically, but also very capable programmatically. I think it’s quite a rare combination to be that good of a programmer and to have the arts background to be able to use those things together. He can read a PhD math paper, and go turn that into something that looks beautiful and has real artistic merit and thought behind it. I think that is pretty unique” — Stephen on why he commissioned Andries

Minting Details


The collection is governed by the smart contract address: 0xB40D211C9E7974eDC1DFa25a1c57291c0231a135

“A lot of our NFTfi community are generative art collectors and we wanted to give something back to them. I got into the NFT space because I appreciate art – I love art and I love technology, so I wanted to create something that was in line with that. If these artworks make their way into the hands of collectors who appreciate the work that’s gone into it and the care Andries has taken, that would be a good outcome for me.” – Stephen on why he is gifting Fabrik to the NFTfi community

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