Pioneering Digital Artist Andries Odendaal Launches Generative Art Collection, FABRIK

Pioneering digital artist Andries Odendaal is unveiling his first generative art collection, FABRIK. This free mint, commissioned by NFTfi co-founder Stephen Young, represents nearly three years of artistic and technological development. With a limited edition of 1024 NFTs, FABRIK is designed as a token of appreciation for the NFTfi community and aims to redefine the boundaries of generative art.


FABRIK is the culmination of nearly three years of artistic and technological developments. The heart of FABRIK is its advanced algorithm, which is capable of producing a wide array of complex artistic outputs using simple geometric building blocks. Each work within the series consists of repeating and interlocking parallelogram motifs that are algorithmically woven into intricate geometric tapestries. At larger scales, the strict interlocking angles of the simple geometric shapes, initially create a sense of patterned stability, reminiscent of three-dimensional architectural structures or scaffolding. At very small sizes, these shapes cluster together and form intricate detail reminiscent of the layered strata found in geological formations or inorganic corrosion growths.

Custom Code and Instructions Stored On-Chain

Andries has crafted FABRIK using custom code without relying on external libraries. The metadata structure and all instructions are stored on-chain, ensuring the integrity and longevity of the art. The contrast in scale and texture is used to evoke a sense of tension between stability, structure, order and the forces of change and impermanence. In these works, the same recursive algorithms that produce the strict structural integrity are also responsible for the illusion of decay and disintegration.

“I called the project FABRIK, because I like the phonetical meaning of the word—in the sense that it’s a fundamental underlying structure, like the ‘fabrik of society’ or ‘fabrik of the universe.’ There’s a connotation to fabrication as well. In Afrikaans, ‘fabriek’ means factory.” — Andries, on the inspiration behind the name of his collection.

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