Philanthrpist husband and wife duo Roberto and Samantha Benitez carve out a new way to give back worldwide through The Higher Love Foundation

The Higher Love Foundation was founded by entrepreneurs Roberto and Samatha Benitez as a central philanthropic conduit for the profits generated through their other business ventures. The philosophy behind it is simple: no-strings-attached direct distribution. Funded primarily by their educational foundation and entertainment corporation, 20% of their total earnings will be dedicated towards a variety of worthy causes around the world, wherever people are most in need.

Roberto and Samantha Benitez’ path to entrepreneurial success has not been an easy one. Despite having to overcome challenge after challenge, each one of their ventures has seen them channel their unwavering resilience and positivity into a force for good, and find success along the way. Born in America, Roberto survived 9/11, cancer, and a motorcycling accident which saw him lose his left leg above the knee, while Samantha is a 2-time cancer survivor herself.

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