LottieFiles Surpasses 5 Million Users as Go-To Motion Design Tool

LottieFiles is proud to announce that its eponymous, flagship product has surpassed the five million users mark. LottieFiles helps its users animate graphics for heightened conversions and user engagement.

LottieFiles helps big and small businesses harness the power of Motion to increase conversions and boost user engagement. The company has made it effortless for designers, developers, and marketers to bring Motion to everyday designs for every industry and use case imaginable.

Traditionally, only a select few with special skills have been able to work with micro animation. Not anymore. LottieFiles drastically reduces the complexity and steep learning curve associated with Motion Design.

The company is on a mission to enable Motion across every app, website, and digital screen on the plant. LottieFiles has advocated the open-source, vector-based file format called Lottie. Experts say that it is ultra-lightweight, extremely high quality, scriptable, interactive, and can be manipulated at runtime.


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