Internationally acclaimed development studio Entropy launches forPAWS, a machine learning powered solution to reunite lost dogs with their owners

MILTON KEYNES, UK / ACCESSWIRE / February 16, 2022 / Entropy was founded in 2013 to craft groundbreaking mobile, web, and emerging platform products and solutions to global corporates and startups, pushing the boundaries of what was ever considered possible in the space. Now, with their latest project forPAWS, created on behalf of leading pet food company Mars Petcare, they have brought their machine learning and AI expertise to the table to solve a problem that’s caused emotional turmoil for millions of people across the world: finding lost dogs.

Developed by their Machine Learning and Advanced AI teams, the forPAWS platform is able to recognize and match dog photos with over 90% accuracy, meaning lost dogs can be quickly identified and returned to their owners faster than ever before. It heralds a new era for pet owners across the world, a demographic that has significantly increased in size over the pandemic, and which sees their furry friends as part of the family.

Entropy Labs
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