GAMA announced the 2.0 release of their NFTs on February 28, 2022.  They are recruiting 10,000 crew members to embark on this great journey to space to the GAMA Space Station Metaverse.  GAMA’s team is based in Los Angeles, California, USA and is a multinational group combining serial entrepreneurs, industry experts, and top leading artists.  The GAMA Space Station Metaverse, powered by Unreal Engine & proprietary AI, the GSS will be a virtual world of immersive social experiences, new forms of entertainment, and innovative gaming mechanics.  They saw the opportunity Web3 was creating and shared the belief that community driven principles can lead to incredible possibilities. They look to build GAMA with the same global principles and ideas as their diverse backgrounds that compose the team: Metaverse, Clean Energy, Space, Technology, Art, and Entertainment. 

GAMA is a web3 platform being built through three main phases: NFTs, the GSS Metaverse, and the pursuit of the GAMA Token.  NFTs are non-fungible tokens or digitized versions of digital or real world objects tied to a smart contract.  A smart contract is a digital version of a real world contract that is controlled by a computer program that cannot be modified or altered once set, making it extremely secure.  The metaverse is a digital version of a world that can be similar to video games.

Are you Ready to Join the GAMA Crew?

In 2042 humanity can no longer ignore the impact of the industrial exploitation of Earth’s natural energy resources.  For technology to continue to advance, GAMA must look beyond our stars to harvest alternative energy resources from other planets. A private corporation has recruited elite crew members to form the GAMA Organization to develop methods of off-planet clean energy harnessing. After 33 years of research & development, GAMA is now ready to send crews to mining operations & fuel the progression of life on Earth.

GAMA is recruiting 10k individuals to serve as crew members for seven vital operational ranks – Captains, Cooks, Medics, Scientists, Engineers, Mechanics and Security with the Captain being the rarest variant.

Each operational rank has 5 tiers represented by their base garment – Diplomatic, Duty, Formal, Leisure, and Transit. Different ranks will be required to accomplish certain missions amongst the crew community.  Picture stepping into the GSS Metaverse with your character going to attend concerts, completing missions or attending live concerts with other NFT avatars. 

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