Entrepreneurial Husband and Wife Duo Roberto and Samantha Bring an Ethical Spin to Disruptive Technology Through Blockchain 420 INC.

Blockchain 420 Inc was founded to disrupt the range of industries renowned for not treating people fairly and improve people’s purchasing power in various contexts across the world. Through the power of cutting-edge technology, founders Roberto and Samantha Benitez aim to empower thousands, if not millions of people around the world to improve their lives and interact with the social and economic infrastructures they live in with more freedom and less risk. Today’s world is still so heavily reliant on central intermediaries to ensure efficiency and trustworthiness across various forms of transactions but as new, innovative contenders emerge — such as Blockchain 420 Inc — traditional institutions are in for a wave of disruption.

Roberto and Samantha Benitez are American-born entrepreneurs who left their lives on the mainland for Panama, where they started a successful hospitality business. Roberto’s story looks different than most — he is a self-taught entrepreneur whose journey has seen him survive 9/11, cancer, and a motorcycling accident which cost him his left leg above the knee. Samantha is a 2-time cancer survivor, the second time sparking their interest in medical marijuana, in which they are both now heavily invested. After realizing the universal applicability of certain technologies, especially in the philanthropic and cultural spheres, they both became hooked, and soon after Blockchain 420 Inc was born. 

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