Centriqe Announces AI-Powered Predictive and Prescriptive System for Retail Profitability

 Centriqe, a leading provider of cloud-based AI solutions, has announced the launch of its newly updated ProfitEdge 1.5 platform. This latest version of the platform is designed to help retail traders better manage their gross operating profit (GOP) and net operating profit (NOP) in a challenging economic climate. It leverages AI and machine learning to provide real-time insights and guided recommendations to decision-makers, enabling them to anticipate challenges and opportunities before they occur.

With the upgraded platform, Centriqe aims to empower C-suite decision-makers with actionable insights and tools that help them optimize costs, maximize revenue, and increase GOP and NOP. The platform primarily focuses on the retail sector, where it offers targeted and personalized outreach to improve customer feedback and Net Promoter Score (NPS). The new platform also provides real-time insights into customer behavior, patterns, loyalty, and churn, among other metrics.

With ProfitEdge 1.5, Centriqe offers real-time insights to help retail traders understand customer behavior, patterns, loyalty, at-risk customers, churn, and more. Including a new set of features and services, the platform is well-situated to help the retail industry bounce back from the hits it’s taken in recent years.

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