Blockchain 420 launches Baby Blocks, an NFT collection powering two upcoming metaverse video games.

Baby Blocks is an NFT collection that powers two brand new video games designed for the metaverse. The concept is unique in that it allows players to submit their own photos and get their own individual game character, based on their faces and chosen body type. The Baby Blocks NFTs will be limited in number, and each will unlock a unique adult form — a character to play in the video game world. In addition, two adult blocks can also procreate and create a new, unique Baby Block. Each owner can use their Baby Block as a game piece, or put it up for adoption, giving them flexibility as well as bang for their buck from an investment perspective. The games are intended to be fun for both children and adults, and are built around NFTs in a way that straddles both traditional video games and new, blockchain-driven ones. 

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