Auto Suppliers Face Difficult Future

A US online therapy platform, Calmerry, is launching a new mental health solution that will allow businesses to take the necessary steps to secure their employees’ mental well-being.

The e-counseling platform has expressed concern that online mental health services are often perceived as less innovative than they were several years ago. To combat this perception, Calmerry is adding value by enhancing the benefits of online therapy with the opportunities of digital tools. On the platform, clients can not only talk to licensed therapists but also leverage a mood-tracking bot, try guided journaling, and grow their mental skills with self-help content.

Overall, the therapy platform hopes to alleviate some of the stress associated with the ongoing recession and layoffs by making therapy easily accessible to everyone in the workplace. Big tech companies spend millions of dollars yearly on employee mental health, especially since the COVID pandemic struck. Calmerry is a cost-efficient alternative for small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) looking to improve mental health, reduce sick days, and increase overall teams’ productivity.

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