3 Projects Bringing the Metaverse to Life

With Facebook spending $10 billion in 2021 to bring the metaverse to life, it’s clear that there’s a tremendous value that can be added through this relatively new concept. Many are looking to be a part of this potentially trillion-dollar industry, including small businesses and various projects. 

The metaverse combines the best aspects of VR and AR together in order to create an alternative reality. These realities can either be completely fictional or mimic the real world.

This allows for businesses to have virtual and interactive storefronts in a metaverse, as well as singers to perform at virtual concerts that individuals globally can attend.

Even large corporations like Microsoft are utilizing the metaverse to their own benefit by creating a virtual environment that allows for employees and clients to meet when working remotely. Avatars and holoportation are part of Microsoft’s efforts to establish a more immersive and convenient professional environment. 

However, there are three specific projects that we want to highlight in this space. Decentraland, GAMA, and Star Atlas are just a few of the many projects pioneering the space. 

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