Qilindo is a social network for all investors and entrepreneurs. It’s a platform that allows businesspeople to upload, view and rate pitch materials, communicate directly, host meetings and pitch sessions, collaborate and raise funds/invest. The platform uses the “wisdom of the crowd,” as well as its own technology to rate startups, in addition to providing users with a “match percentage” representing the match-success probability.


Cannabis Industry Focused
Investment opportunity (OTC, Beautiful Woman Focused Art/Artist)
NFT with Utility (Passive Income, Events, etc.)

Target Audience

Cannabis Enthusiasts, Dispensaries, and Cultivators
NFT Investors
Digital and Art Collectors

PR Solutions Implemented

Marketing Campaign:
Online Media Outlets:
Outlet Visitors Title
Hackernoon 2M+ How NFTs Are Bringing the Cannabis Industry Together


As a result of the PR strategy, we were able to secure 11 meetings with high-level offcials from _______ to help Tractiv _________.
Due to this, the client was happy to re-sign for another project