Guaranteed media placements in the world’s biggest publications

Get published in Forbes, Business Insider, INC, Vogue and other A-list publications on a pay-per-placement basis

Be the voice that matters in your industry…

Reputation building is an endless uphill battle. You pour immense effort into content, networking, and campaigns all to marginally boost visibility but your cut-throat competition and nonstop noise make standing out seem impossible.

Every attempt feels in vain.

Opportunities fall through.

Credibility remains elusive.

Your potential impact slips further away each day.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Our Authority Packages provide a media spotlight that instantly propels you into an elite circle of recognized thought leaders pay-per-placement basis.

Over 5,000 companies have used The PR Genius to get guaranteed coverage today

Get your guaranteed articles today

Amplify Your Credibility via PR

See how icons like Mark Cuban, Neil Patel and Simon Sinek leverage strategic press features to establish unmatched authority and trust. We’ll uncover how targeted publication alignments can help you gain credibility, boost perceived value, and accelerate conversions.

Catapult Your Marketing Campaigns with Undeniable Social Proof

Feel like your current marketing spends are yielding lackluster returns? We’ll show you how visibility within trusted outlets instantly legitimizes your brand so audiences readily buy-in. Featured articles make your offer more believable, so you’ll watch your cost-per-acquisition decrease as perceived value spikes.

Become a ‘Legacy’ in Just a Few Weeks Through Positioning

Our proven playbook has enabled over 1,000 brands to achieve household name recognition at record pace. By spotlighting your unique perspectives within outlets like Forbes, Entrepreneur and Business Insider, we cement your status as an innovator ahead of the pack. We'll help you dominate search rankings and become an unforgettable leader within reach.

Here’s how our Authority Package works

Here’s our proven, three-step process for getting your name out there:

Initial strategy session

It all starts with a detailed consultation to ensure a perfect partnership. We delve into a series of probing questions to align our visions and set clear, achievable targets and goals.

Personalized success blueprint

We then craft a customized blueprint that maps out the specific publications and timelines that will most effectively boost your digital presence and authority.

Get published

Once you're happy with the content that represents your vision, we propel it into the world, securing 5-10 top tier placements in ch publications on a pay per placement basis.

Case Studies

Risk-free press. Our 100% money-back promise, only pay on peformance.

Here’s what you get when you book a call today…

Custom PR Blueprint     ($5,700 Value)  

Receive a bespoke PR plan from our acclaimed team, tailored to make your narrative resonate with your target audience and significantly broaden your influence.

Elite Publication Access     ($7,200 Value)  

Get the chance to feature in esteemed publications like Forbes, Bloomberg, and Entrepreneur, boosting your brand's reach, credibility, and authoritative presence worldwide.

Expert Content Development     ($3,600 Value)  

Rely on our skilled writers to produce engaging articles, press releases, and pitches that effectively showcase your achievements and present your story compellingly.

Personal PR Expert     ($4,100 Value)  

Work closely with a dedicated PR specialist who will act as your navigator and advisor, ensuring your brand's message remains powerful and relevant.

Exclusive Networking Access     ($6,100 Value)  

Join our select community of top-tier entrepreneurs and professionals, a rich source for potential collaborations and partnerships to enhance your brand's stature.

Ongoing Engagement & Insight     ($2,600 Value)  

Expect continuous communication, insightful feedback, and adaptable strategies. Our commitment is to your brand's relentless evolution and prominence.

Solid Guarantee     (Invaluable)  

Our confidence in our service is absolute. If the promised results aren't delivered, you'll receive a full refund. Moreover, you retain all strategies and content, guaranteeing value regardless of the outcome.

Total Value: $37,500 (FREE)

We exclusively broker direct partnerships with globally renowned publishers to offer this unmatched visibility.

By handing you the mic, your voice booms loudly — and suddenly, you have millions of executives and leaders tuning in to hear YOUR unique perspective.

Attention is now the world’s most valuable resource

Getting meaningful mindshare is harder than ever before. Endless noise on social media and Google results in voices simply drowning each other out.

With our 30-day Authority Package you get all three.

That’s why we guarantee our package will get you results

We guarantee 1 – 5 placements with top tier outlets such as Forbes, Business Insider, Vogue within 90 days or you get a 100% refund. Have confidence that your voice will echo loudly, getting you the impressions, engagement, and leads your brand needs.

However, we only offer limited spots per month for this high-end service. Reserve your access now to lock in unmatched visibility before availability disappears.

All of us know the challenge of not being heard…

The journey is tough and constant.

You’re always on the alert, seeking that breakthrough to lift your brand to new heights and waiting for that moment when all your hard work pays off.

Yet, more often than not, the outcomes don’t quite hit the mark, leaving you questioning whether you’re fully utilizing your potential. It’s incredibly disheartening…

But there’s a bright side.

This is your moment to transform how the world sees you and your brand to secure the prestige you’ve earned — and bask in the benefits of being recognized for your work.

All through The PR Genius’ Authority Package.

Imagine what could happen if you were featured in the world’s largest publications…

Unlock elite networks

Who might reach out once you're seen alongside the biggest names?

Skyrocket your credibility

How will conversations change when people see you in top publications?

Ignite viral potential

What happens when your story becomes the talk of the global town?

Securing tier one press features isn’t an art. It’s a science.

At The PR Genius, we’ve helped hundreds of thought leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs get featured in every A-list website you can name.

Our expertise lies in media placements, personal branding, and strategic marketing. We partner with the elite — top entrepreneurs, influencers, and established firms — to escalate their media presence, fortify brand credibility, and supercharge business growth.

This opportunity is for you if…

This opportunity is not for you if…

We don’t promise results. We guarantee them.

Yet our Prestige Publication Package isn’t right for everyone. It’s crafted exclusively for the driven — those ready to augment their influence and ascend to the elite echelon of recognized thought pioneers.

For the resolute, the purpose-led, the innovators yearning for their message to reverberate globally.

If you see boundless potential for your brand to transform conversations and mindsets, let’s deliver you the visibility to make it happen.

Risk-free press. Our of 100% money-back promise

Step into the spotlight with complete confidence.

If our Prestige Authority Package doesn’t secure the high-caliber press features you paid for, you get every penny back.

No hassle, no disappointment. Just a bold commitment to getting you the recognition you deserve or a 100% refund.

Your success is our success, and we’re here to ensure your voice is heard, risk-free.

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