Pride Pixies – When NFTs Wish to Change the World

The blockchain sector is seeing an influx of new enterprises started and driven by women. A recent poll highlighted how almost half of the respondents interested in investing in Bitcoin were female, a reflection of the times in the high-tech sector.

In the blockchain industry, save from a few notable outliers, gender inequality is still a major issue. Increasing numbers of women are taking on new initiatives in the sector, which might lead to more gender equality in the workplace.

NFT by the Pride Pixies is one of these endeavors. True Dream Vision (led by Taylor Diamond-Vizcaino) is the creator of the Pride Pixies NFT and platforms. At the head of the company sits a female, Latinx, and LGBTQ-identified blockchain activist.

A new NFT/DeFi marketplace,, was founded by True Dream Vision to support human rights organizations and to honor women who have made important contributions to technology. If you’ve had a Pride Pixie NFT for at least six months, you’ll get an airdrop of 3000 $MVMNT tokens, which can be traded for cash on the most popular decentralized trading platforms.

The project is releasing a slew of new features to the public, and we will cover most of them.

Pride Pixel

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