Mazzuma Launches AI-Powered Smart Contract Generator

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 15, 2023 / Software startup, Mazzuma, has launched its flagship developer tool, MazzumaGPT. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the tool is designed to help developers seamlessly generate smart contract code for Web3 decentralized applications (dApps).

Transforming fintech with Web3

Fintech has emerged as one of the most vibrant sectors in Africa. Today, a huge proportion of transactions and payments across the continent are handled by fintech solutions. A good illustration of this would be the over 600 million registered mobile money accounts in the continent. Now, with the rise of Web3, new solutions looking to leverage blockchain technology are emerging.

Solutions that integrate Web3 technologies to allow for faster, cheaper, and more accessible remittance services are quickly emerging. This has, of course, increased the demand for Web3 developers. And here, Africa encounters its biggest hurdle to harnessing the full power of decentralized solutions – a shortage of those developers.

While the global demand for Web3 innovation increases, Africa is being held back by a lack of enough blockchain developers. One of the biggest reasons for this is the complexity and steep learning curve of Web3 programming languages.

Africa has a massive pool of talented Web2 developers. However, many of these individuals have a hard time transitioning to Web3 because of how much more technical and complex the programming languages are. The languages have a steep learning curve and typically require a significant investment of time and effort to learn. This is made worse by the fact that Web3 lacks sufficient resources and regulatory support in many African nations.

Empowering Web3 developers

Having been in the African fintech scene for more than seven years, Mazzuma has taken it upon itself to help unlock Web3’s technological advancement in the continent. The company has leveraged artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain tools, and payment APIs to create a tool that greatly streamlines the process of making decentralized applications (dApps). Called MazzumaGPT, the tool uses AI to help developers generate smart contracts for their payment solutions.

“We are very passionate about developer tools and very committed to creating a very seamless experience for developers to build and deploy applications with ease,” says the co-founder of Mazzuma, Kofi Genfi.

MazzumaGPT isn’t the only AI tool for developers. With the rapid rise of generative AI, products like ChatGPT, Github Copilot, and Bard are also available to developers. However, MazzumaGPT sets itself apart from these options by being finely tuned for Web3 code, making it more accurate for blockchain use cases. It integrates Web3 programming languages like Solidity and Plutus to allow developers to effortlessly generate smart contract code using natural language prompts. MazzumaGPT can help develop fully functional web3 protocols with only $1.99. This makes MazzumaGPT very accessible and cost-efficient.

The tool already has partnerships with Coinbase and Cardano in addition to numerous software development agencies and more than 10,000 developers on its waitlist.

About Mazzuma

Mazzuma is a software innovation company that focuses on building developer tools for payments and remittances. The company also specializes in AI and Blockchain infrastructure for developers creating Web3 solutions for both developed and emerging markets

Today, Mazzuma has over 400,000 customers and processed more than $150 million in transactional volume, making it a major player in the fintech landscape in Africa.

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