LMFAO Alum Redfoo Parlays Programming Passion, Partners with Radix to Revolutionize the W3 Crypto, Blockchain & DeFi Coding Space

Redfoo and Sky Blu, a dynamic uncle-nephew duo, make up the multi-award-winning musical group LMFAO—one of the most iconic electronic bands—and hit songs—of the 21st century. Best known for their hits “Sorry For Party Rocking,” “Party Rock Anthem” and “Shots,” they have won an array of awards over the course of their stratospheric career. In fact, in addition to being nominated for two GRAMMY awards, LMFAO also hit the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 twice. Having made his debut as a solo artist with his album “Party Rock Mansion” in 2016, Redfoo has been continuing on his solo career ever since.

Redfoo’s career took an unexpected turn when, five years ago, he discovered his passion for computer programming. He uses coding and programming as another way to express his creative talent, believing it gives him a different language with which to express himself in the world—much like he does through music. Redfoo exemplifies that anyone, no matter their background of prior interests, can become empowered by learning how to code.

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