Coinstancy launches the ICO for the first utility token 100% made in France – Join in and get $COTO!

Jun 19, 2023 (Vehement Media via COMTEX) — Lyon, France- In an increasingly competitive yet extremely promising crypto environment, still recovering step by step from the crypto winter and the bear market, investors are relentlessly seeking new opportunities to maximize their returns while reducing the risks of fraud that have tarnished the reputation of crypto investing in the eyes of the general public.

It is precisely to help serious investors and contribute to building a virtuous crypto ecosystem that Coinstancy is stepping in to position itself as a new benchmark player in crypto investment and savings

Coinstancy offers a range of innovative services for saving and investing in crypto

Coinstancy, founded in France in 2022, intends to establish itself as the undisputed leader in crypto investment in France. Offering innovative products that reflect Coinstancy’s innovative analyses, Armand and his team intend to transform their passion for cryptos into a serious, emerging and leading player in France and Europe.

Saving in stablecoins, investing in themed pools, buying masternodes, staking crypto-assets and collecting $COTO tokens are just some of the features the platform will be offering in 2024, as well as many other topics Coinstancy is working on.

Coinstancy launches the first utility token made in France

Coinstancy is the very first French company to offer a utility token, and is already positioning itself as the benchmark player in France.

Through its token, the $COTO, Coinstancy will stimulate the adoption of blockchain technology and strengthen its ecosystem. The $COTO will be used as a means of payment on the Coinstancy platform, offering a unique experience in France. This token will guarantee the transparency and traceability of transactions and investments made by Coinstancy.

There will be 4 rounds of sales starting June 1:

Pre-seed: $0.02 -> $2.5M COTO available

Seed: 0.03$ -> 6,5M $COTO available

Pre-sale 1: 0.06$ -> 8M $COTO available

Pre-sale 2: 0.09$ -> 10M $COTO available

The $COTO will be listed at a price of $0.10 at the end of the ICO. More info on the White paper and Tokenomics.

Coinstancy makes investing and saving accessible to all, in a secure and innovative environment powered by blockchain technology.

Coinstancy is a partner of renowned players and institutions such as Synaps, Nested, La French Tech and many others. The company has begun the process of obtaining PSAN (‘Prestataire de Services sur Actifs Numériques’) registration with the AMF (French Financial Markets Authority ‘Autorité des Marchés Financiers’).

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