Blockchain 420 Paves The Way For The Future Of Creativity With NFTS, Metaverse Projects, and Educational Programs

Blockchain 420 was initially founded by entrepreneur Roberto Benitez as a way to harness the power of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and NFTs to create positive change. The project consists of several entities, including an educational foundation, an entertainment company, and a charity — all powered by their unique token, The Love Care Coin, which was recently listed on CoinGecko.

Blockchain 420 has now taken a new step towards Web 3.0, with the announcement of two linked projects. To start off, they will be releasing a series of 10,000 landscape NFTs, of which the top sellers will provide the backgrounds for their metaverse’s Forbidden Zone. For the lucky few that are able to snag them, they are also releasing a much smaller series of 222 NFTs called Baby Blocks, which will be the first inhabitants of their metaverse.

Blockchain 420

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