4 Ways GameFi and P2E Could Modernize the Gaming Industry

While GameFi and P2E are still in their infancy, I believe they could play a unique role in modernizing the gaming market.

THE INTERNET HAS gone through a massive transformation since its early days. Millennials like myself have had a front-row seat as websites evolved from simple text to the data-driven powerhouses of today. One of the biggest and most robust industries that boomed through this evolution has been gaming and esports.

There are countless addictive and brilliant games out there, with several new multiplayer and community-based online games launching every year. However, this has introduced a downside: Gamers spend countless hours and dollars unlocking exclusive features, microtransactions, DLCs and more — all without being given a chance to earn in return. 

But this might just be about to change with the rise of a new generation of the internet — Web3. According to findings from Business Research Insights, the global GameFi market is expected to increase to $38 billion by 2028. 


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