4 ‘Real-Life’ Activities That Are Operational in the Metaverse Now

The Metaverse is the world’s next big thing and one of the most noteworthy technology trends of 2022. The minds behind the idea announced plans to inject $10 billion to promote the project in 2022.

Typically, Metaverse refers to a virtual world where people can do almost all kinds of activities in a virtual space in the comfort of their homes or anywhere. The whole Metaverse concept isn’t new to the world, but it’s now considered an evolution of the internet.  

Ideally, Metaverse doesn’t rule out other futuristic technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR). Instead, it leverages the power of these technologies to create an interactive virtual internet domain, where people use avatars to represent themselves.

Though the ultimate vision of the Metaverse is still under development, some of the real-life activities supported in Metaverse are already operational.


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